Gardening, An Emotional Rollercoaster

I’ve been through the whole range of gardening emotions since my last post. If gardening was the X factor I’d have been on an emotional roller coaster that changed my life forever.

In actuality I’ve been so enthusiastic to get started that I’ve been digging in the rain, I’ve had some serious seed lust and I’ve taken charming pictures of wildlife… Please see below for the picture of the sneaky squirrel that stole the twine I was using to mark out the lawn.

An intrepid squirrel sitting on the tree stump where my patio should be.

However with the highs come the lows… I’ve been despondent when I cut the lawn into the wrong shape, the pattern I’ve chosen for the lawn looks like a bottom according to my husband and I made it worse by creating a wonky bottom. I’ve been defeated by the huge amount of earth moving needed to flatten a tiered garden and frustrated by the difficulty I’ve had just getting out to the garden at all.

But I’m back on top thanks to fedging. Even the name sounds  naughty/delicious/ridiculous. I’ve been looking for a cheap hedging option for ages and my answer up to now has been grissilini. I took the cuttings from my Mom’s coastal garden, where it grows vigorously and I put them straight in the ground in the middle of winter then ignored them. I didn’t even dig a hole I just pushed them straight in. They all took but after two years they’re still only a foot tall. So I’m going to plant a living willow fence, it looks easy and makes for really pretty screening, it should reach six feet in two years. Originally I was looking for something evergreen but I think the bare willow frame will look lovely in winter.

Fedge at Ryton Organic Gardens, taken from

Finally I’ve been following the anxious gardener and his ‘new gardening blog’ posts. Up to now I’ve been on mumsnet to try and find other blog sites and now I’ve discovered The Rivendell Garden and a complete A-Z listing of other gardening posts, so I’m going to wean myself from my seed catalouge addiction by browsing the listings of 100 and something other gardening blogs.

5 thoughts on “Gardening, An Emotional Rollercoaster

  1. Hi you’re garden looks a great space – plenty of potential and I look forward to reading more about your garden (and seeds). I started gardening again after decades in a flat when I bought my house – nothing much in the garden apart from two nackered shrubs welcome to blogging too – there are lots of lovely helpful bloggers all around the world – I’m in Salford. love bec


    1. Hello Bec, I’m very new to blogging, I don’t even have Facebook! I love being able to talk about pottering in my garden and it’s really nice to hear what other people love about it too.


  2. Ah, the addictive quality of gardening! I empathise entirely. I work in a flower shop so can often buy plants cheap – if I need them or not. And I’m addicted to online catalogue offers, all the sneaky cutprice plant bargains I just can;t resist. Better for us than booze and chocolate though (though I’m addicted to the latter too!)
    Thanks for the follow and for introducing me to your lovely blog


    1. Last night I discovered the Thompson and Morgan direct to grower sale. I’m still trying to justify why I need 244 hellebores plugs in my life! I’m much better at finding reasons for keeping wine and chocolate in the cupboard.

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      1. Thompson and Morgan are my weakspot too! I only have a tiny garden at the moment so why wouldn’t I need 72 mixed perennials when they’re so cheap? I’ve ended up giving a lot away, unable to not buy certain offers. It’s a real addiction 🙂


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