Seed binges and breaking gardening rules

This month I have been mostly nurturing my seeds. Ive got well over 200 and most are in 9cm pots now. I’ve still got lots I want to plant and my second order has just come in from Chiltern Seeds.

Too much seed lust
Too much seed lust. I’ve planted the ones on the left, the big pile on the right still has to be done.

I’ve only had a few casualties so far, I dropped a seed tray on a lovely sea kale and my oriental poppies ‘Princess Victoria Louise’ received too much love. They wilted and died but thes ones I left in the seed tray and ignored have done much better.

The echinops at the back are doing quite well, but I’ve got leggy candytuft.

As you can see some of them have a bit of a lean to them which I’m quite surprised about as I have put them in a really light corner of the house. I think February may have been a little too early to start planting and if I did this many seeds again I’d probably buy some kind of light and heated mat. I’ve just kept to the basics, a propagtor and some seed compost on a side in the kitchen.

So while I started my seeds off to early I’m running out of time in the garden I’ve cut back all the roses and an apple tree but I’ve still got three hedging plants and a flower bed to move, I’ve given myself a deadline of the end of the week before I miss my window and I’ll have to wait till next year.

On the subject of transplanting things I’m going to say something shocking now and I’m glad the internet is so anonymous, ready?…

I’m going to move peonies.  I know it’s a rookie mistake but I’m going to try it. I read an article once that said they might have a huff for a few years but they recover nicely. So I’m going to risk it and report so no one else need suffer the same fate as me, namely peonies in the middle of the new lawn.

Tonight I shall be planting my new most favourite plant the chocolate vine, the flowers smell like chocolate, it makes edible (not chocolate) fruit and it’s a prolific climber so I think it’s going to be great on my new pergola with some creamy pink roses.


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