Excitement mounts as the first seedlings prepare for life in the all new Serendipitous Garden

My seedlings are now reaching the 500 mark and whilst I’m still waiting for some stubborn kernels to ripen, I’ve got plenty of others ready to plant out. That is if I’m brave enough to test their tender leaves against the ravages of the Serendipitous Garden’s slug population.

In the last month a lot of work has been going on to transform the staggered rectangular plot into something more interesting. The waterlogged clay soil has needed some improvement and after investigating the practicalities of digging in grit, I decided to go for the labour saving mulching option.

Progress continues
The curving path leading up to the still to be created evening sun trap

I tried Strulch as it advertised its anti slug properties but as the reviews on the website warned me, it did make the garden ponk for a few days. I’ve also signed up to a nematode programme and it’s still very early days but I have noticed that where there has been munching going on its snails rather than slugs who are responsible.

So at the end of the month, no sooner as I can’t dig for ten days after the nematode treatment, I’m going to plant out my sturdiest seedlings. A Crambe Cordifolia, I have six others cold stratifying in the fridge and my collection of ornamental cabbages both destined for the butterfly border. I’m really pleased with my Princess Victoria Louise Poppies but they are a bit to small to transplant to their final place yet.

Some of my favourites, dahlia mels marmalade, musa basjoo (I bought a three leaf plant because I couldn’t find any seeds, suggestions welcome) crambe cordifolia, echinops and more.

So next month is going to be the real test… will I be showing you a small garden grown from seed or bare patches with a few raggedy plants? Don’t worry, if it all goes wrong, I can always take a trip to Waitrose Garden!

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